Here in the Philippines, when you think of seizing legal services, the first thing that citizens would ponder about is the amount of money that would be involved. The moment you think about hiring a lawyer, the things that are supposed to be considered first ought to be the lawyer’s expertise, strengths, records, and his...
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litigation lawyer in manila philippines
Whenever you would like to either file a lawsuit or you happened to be accused of a crime or offense, the whole procedure can only keep getting very overwhelming and stressful which often leads to discouragement. Most often than not, the consequences on filing or being filed a lawsuit are usually always grave, however, we...
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In an ideal life, there might never be a need for the existence of family law nor a family lawyer and we could all live in peace and harmony. Apparently, we are living in a world that has its own imperfections and where laws play an incredibly significant role in keeping our society in order....
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In a third world country such as the Philippines, having the ability to purchase a real estate property may it be a land, house, or a condominium unit could be thought of as one of the greatest dreams and accomplishments of a Filipino. Taking into consideration the amount of salary awarded to a typical citizen,...
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The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is one of the very first government offices that you would have to go to when processing a business registration in the Philippines, specifically if your business is a sole proprietorship. In fact, registering a business name with DTI is the initial step into becoming a sole proprietor...
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