August 2019
There are a lot of reasons for hiring lawyers and seeking such is pretty easy too. If you happen to be looking for a lawyer to defend or protect you from a lawsuit, take care of your legal documents and contracts, assist in the incorporation of your business, or seek advice for certain constitutional family...
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There are a lot of things a company owner should keep in mind, from its operations, bottom line, and even the legal requirements, which may be too much for them to deal with. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why business owners have their secretaries and many other employees. Tasks have to be distributed...
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For those who have encountered a political post in a couple of social media channels, you have most likely seen the comments of angry citizens asking if the poster have any contributions in this country so far, which is then frequently rebutted with “I pay my taxes!” remark. It might appear a little absurd, but...
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Here in the Philippines, when you think of seizing legal services, the first thing that citizens would ponder about is the amount of money that would be involved. The moment you think about hiring a lawyer, the things that are supposed to be considered first ought to be the lawyer’s expertise, strengths, records, and his...
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