Highly In Demand Law Services From The Best Law Office in Makati, Philippines

If you’re looking for the best law office in Makati, Philippines, check our page to know more about us. At Yap Kung Ching & Associate’s Law, we offer highly in demand law services for anyone interested. Altogether, we are a full-service Philippine law firm that provides legal solutions to our fellow Filipinos.

Ever since, legal services are essential in the Philippines, no matter who and where the person is. Ensuring protection for a citizen is deemed a necessity to secure one’s possession and other personal attachments.

If you need any help concerning litigation, legal retainer, corporate housekeeping, and special projects, contact us for more information.

Below lies a piece of brief information about our legal services. If you want to learn more than what’s given, you could email us anytime.

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Highly In Demand Law Services From The Best Law Office in Makati, Philippines


Although there are numerous law offices in Manila, Philippines, you could always count on these services offered by Yap Kung Ching & Associate’s Law. Check out the following to know more!





Yap, Kung, Ching & Associates Law provides legal advice to help you navigate complex legal issues. In fact, our team of lawyers will assist you in determining all available legal remedies to offer you the best course of action.



Legal Retainer


We provide an array of cost-effective retainer services to our clients to ensure hassle-free operations. This includes corporate housekeeping, corporate secretarial services, legal compliance, legal advisory, accounting and bookkeeping, and payroll management.



Corporate Housekeeping


We offer corporate secretarial services to help your business in the Philippines. This includes recording and drafting of all Minutes of the Meetings, drafting of Director’s Certificates, drafting of Secretary’s Certificates, Corporate Housekeeping, and annual filing of the General Information Sheet (GIS) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), all in one complete package.



Special Project


Are you planning to expand your business or enter into a new venture? We got you covered. Let Yap & Associates guide you through the necessary legal requirements and procedure that are needed.

Whether you are a start-up, SME, or an established corporation, our team of lawyers is always prepared to help you grow and expand your business in the most effective way possible.



With these four highly demand legal services, your concerns will be replaced by satisfaction. At present, you need lawyers to take care of complicated issues.


The primary service provided by a law firm is to educate clients (individuals or corporations) about their legal rights and responsibilities. Without them, you’ll have crises abiding the law.


Don’t take this risk and seek any help!


Final Thoughts


At Yap, Kung, Ching & Associates, you are always assured of receiving professional and top-notch legal service every step of the way. Engaging with the law is complicated and time-consuming, and you know that.


With that, try to hire lawyers that are equipped for the job. With a full-service law office strategically located inside Makati City, your business registration, corporate, tax, labor, and civil cases for corporations and individuals are taken care of.


Why not hire a group of experts to take care of your problem? We’re just one message away to help you with any legal requirements.


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