What are the Most Common Corporate Special Projects in Manila, Philippines?


There are a lot of reasons for hiring lawyers and seeking such is pretty easy too. If you happen to be looking for a lawyer to defend or protect you from a lawsuit, take care of your legal documents and contracts, assist in the incorporation of your business, or seek advice for certain constitutional family matters and so on, you would likely not be able to have a hard time finding one.

That is because most of the examples provided above are some of the most common projects or cases lawyers in our country are able to handle. However, if you think your situation is far more complicated than the normal ones, this is where things start to get a little harder. Depending on the circumstances, a corporate special project may be what you would need and it’s not that easy to find a firm/lawyer who can serve you for such.

What Makes Corporate Special Projects “Special”?

Unmistakably, corporate special projects in Manila, Philippines are called so for the reason that not every law practitioner does and can offer such services. To explain further, these projects actually belong to the more complicated cases that typically demand the services of at least two or more departments and/or lawyers to be able to accomplish the project. Special projects normally transpire when a client has to deal with complicated legal issues including but not limited to complex consolidations, incorporations, and/or multifaceted business arrangements that normally involve local and foreign companies. Because of the elaborateness involved when working on these kinds of matters, only a few selected law firms offer such services in the Philippines.

What are some of the Special Projects Currently Being Offered in the Philippines?

  • Business Expansion Involving Foreign Investors. One of the most common corporate special projects in Manila, Philippines involves business expansion concerning a foreign investor. The Foreign Investments Act of 1991 or FIA created certain limitations to foreign investors such as the amount of percentage it is allowed to own in a business or company, the type of industry and business they are permitted to have, and other specific conditions related to it. However, this Act is not what makes foreign-owned businesses hard to expand in the country, but it’s that our government’s existing rules and regulations about business expansions, permits, taxes, and foreign investments (together with non-Filipino workers) are ever-changing and are still being developed and amended up to this day. In fact, just this September 9, the House of Representatives approved House Bill 300 or the Amendments to the Foreign Investments Act, which amends sections 4 and 8 of FIA. Because of these recent changes and updates, it is not that easy to find lawyers who can take such a special project. If this happens to be your case, one of the most reputable law firms that can handle this is Yap, Kung, Ching & Associates Law Office. You may contact them through +632 251-3404, +632 716-3392 from Mondays through Fridays at 10:00 in the morning up to 5:00 in the afternoon.
  • Joint Ventures, Incorporation, Mergers, and Acquisition. With so many existing businesses in the country, these types of projects are not really uncommon. For example, a sole proprietor became very successful and its owner decided to have it incorporated, a lawyer definitely needs to be contacted. Most sole proprietors would prefer to have a corporation when given the chance since their liabilities would be secured and protected in that type of ownership. Depending on the circumstances, merging, acquisitions, and the likes may be taken care of by a business or corporate lawyer alone. Nevertheless, if the situation has its complications, other departments may get involved making it a project for more than one lawyer.
  • Corporate Reorganization. By those two words above, you can already be sure that this one would not be simple. Corporations often reorganize and restructure for many different reasons. Unfortunately, reorganizations happen when a company is already at the bottom that’s why there are a lot of things that need to be done during the entire process. There are numerous ways in which a corporation can get reconstructed depending on its areas that need to be addressed. Some of these areas include profits, debts, mismanaged finances, its leaders and management, and so on. 

Other special projects include Insurance, Corporate Insolvency, Power and Energy-related Industry, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, etc.

What Should You Look for in a Firm to Handle Your Special Needs?

Even though there are only a number of law firms that may be able to process your demands, it’s important to figure out which one would suit you best. Since what they are going to handle is no ordinary tasks, there are a few things that you would need to evaluate out of all your choices.

First is the firm’s ability and service. You may do some background check of its lawyers, the cases they have handled, ask for references and contact those, etc. When permitted, talk to the lawyers directly and observe thoroughly how they treat you.

Second, check their lawyers’ experiences. Are these experiences substantial? If possible, it would be better if they have won trials as you may make use of these when the time comes.

Third, ask about their strategic partners and connections. Keep in mind that these lawyers may need help from other departments and possessing a number of connections matter a lot.

Lastly, make sure that you are being prioritized. The largest and most popular firms usually have a lot of big clients and has a bigger chance of not prioritizing you if you are not as big as the other ones so it’s necessary to find a firm that can make you feel that you are a top priority and that you are being provided with a valuable amount of their time.

To sum it all up, we can conclude that there are definitely a lot of works involved in corporate special projects that are why it’s critical to have a firm that will be there for you in every step of the process. If you think you need legal services, Yap, Kung, Ching & Associates Law Office can answer your questions and provide you with consultations so go ahead and give them a call today.

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