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Since then, there are hundreds of laws in the Philippines that are all essential for everyone to accomplish. If rules and regulations aren’t followed, there will be problems that are all hard to fix later on. Luckily, legal assistance is available in the country to guide our fellowmen and newcomers. In fact, there are available...
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Imagine a society without lawyers. Is that really such a good world to live in? It’s safe to say that only a few people are happy to be in their presence, while others passionately dislike them. Typically, most of us would rather not deal with them at all. But one thing remains, with or without...
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Ever since the Philippines’ economy started transitioning from one that is based on agriculture to another that’s based more on providing services, a lot of job opportunities have opened up for its countrymen. In relation to this, labor cases and work-related complaints have also gone up. In fact, in Central Visayas alone, the number of...
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Many aspire to be a lawyer but only very few are given the chance to turn into one. In fact, here in the Philippines, the lowest passing rate of bar examination is 16.59 percent (a total of 660 passers) which happened in 1999 while the highest percentage of bar exam passers is only at 59.06%...
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