How Do Law Firms in the Philippines Contribute to Our Society?


Imagine a society without lawyers. Is that really such a good world to live in?

It’s safe to say that only a few people are happy to be in their presence, while others passionately dislike them. Typically, most of us would rather not deal with them at all. But one thing remains, with or without lawyers, you’re going to live in a society with rules.

It’s just that these so-called rules might be harsher for people who don’t have enough means to defend their right. When that happens to you, you’ll wish that you have some form of protection in order to fight for your right. Just like what a law firm in the Philippines can provide.

What Does a Law Firm in the Philippines Do?

The main role of every lawyer is to help individuals find the best way to resolve their existing disputes. Or better yet, if they can prevent it from ever happening in the first place. Have you ever watched the TV series Suits? Harvey Specter, the main character of the show is fondly called “the best closer in New York” by his peers. The nickname originated due to his ability to find a solution to his client’s dispute. His character literally does everything he can to “close” a case even before it goes to court. This allows the parties to come to an agreement favorable for both parties in order to avoid litigation.

In such cases that both parties cannot find a way to resolve their dispute, a lawyer will represent you in the court of law. In some cases, a business or organization may also be represented if it has a juridical personality, i.e., registered corporations. The lawyers selected by the firm have to research applicable laws and use prior court rulings that are favorable to the client. They also need to prepare legal documents, with the help of their paralegal, to be used in their arguments concerning the case.

Hiring a lawyer is not a surefire way to win a case as not everyone is cut from the same cloth. Just like in any industry, there are good and bad lawyers. It’s just a matter of having good judgment and doing your research before deciding to hire one.

What Services Do Law Firms Provide?

Today, lawyers perform a wider range of services as compared to their predecessors. Some services such as corporate housekeeping, business mergers and acquisitions, company registrations, market entry, and to some extent, taxation are formerly delegated to accountants.

Despite the fact that most law firms in the Philippines have widened their horizons, the two (2) most sought after legal services out there remains the following:

Criminal Law Services

If you happen to run into some kind of trouble such as theft, physical injury, or homicide, you will be needing the help of a criminal defense lawyer. Essentially, suspected criminals need to seek representation in the court of law during the case proceeding.

Initially, Criminal defense lawyers have to deal with the matters surrounding the arrest. They also coordinate with police officers and investigators in order to ensure that the rights of the accused will not be violated.

Family Law Services

Need some assistance with child custody/support, adoption, paternity, or legal separation? If the answer is yes, then you need a family lawyer to represent you in family court proceedings. As each lawyer differs from their field of expertise, you’ll be more confident if the legal professional representing you specializes in family law.

Most of the time, this type of legal proceedings are sensitive in nature as family members are the ones involved in the dispute. Therefore, having a trusted lawyer who knows how to handle this kind of dispute ensures that a family member is dealt with respect even if they are on the other side of the fence.

What’s the Single Best Quality that Makes Someone a Great Lawyer?

Apparently, having qualities such as persuasiveness, good negotiation skills, and a sense of aggressiveness might not be enough if you dream to become a great lawyer. For many highly experienced lawyers, empathy happens to be at the top of the list.

Not to be confused with sympathy, empathy is a highly important skill in order to be able to fully understand the person they are representing. Placing yourself in the position of your client allows you to grasp as to why they took the actions they did.

if clients feel that their lawyer truly care for them and gets the emotional support they expect, it becomes incredibly easier for them to open up. As a result, it allows the lawyer to provide the best legal guidance their client deserves that would provide the best possible outcome.