Protect the Welfare of Your Business With a Legal Retainer in the Philippines

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Any business owner wants to make sure their company is safe from legal problems. These matters may include but are not limited to the following: corporate housekeeping, legal advisory, and payroll management. You can accomplish these things with ease if you let them be handled by a person well-versed in the law.
A way you can keep complying with the law is by getting a legal retainer. Doing so assures you a lawyer’s time whenever you need them, depending on the agreement you have formed and signed with them. With this, you can easily work on legal matters of your business smoothly without rushing to look for a person who can help you do the job correctly.
In the Philippines, you can rely on Yap Kung Ching & Associates Law Office to help protect your business from things that may affect its operations. We offer attorneys on retainer who you can hire to secure documents and processes in the easiest and fastest ways possible. Contact us for more information.

What Is a Legal Retainer in the Philippines?

Many people in the Philippines have businesses, whether startups or established corporations. If you own one, you will have to deal with legal files that must be updated or accomplished. This is where getting legal retainers comes in handy.

A legal retainer is an agreement you have with a lawyer. It requires them to help you on different legal matters, depending on the terms you have come up with. Additionally, retainer lawyer fees in the Philippines for these types of services are paid for even before they perform tasks. Doing so assures the lawyer that the expenses incurred when they are needed can be paid for.

Why Should You Have a Retainer Lawyer?

People get legal retainers in the Philippines because of the convenience they offer. Here are some benefits of having one:

Have Immediate Legal Advice

When you get a retainer, the lawyer you have it with should give you their time whenever you need them. This makes it easier for you to get the advice you need for legal matters that you may not fully grasp. For example, you can ask them which documents should be notarized whenever you’re preparing accounting or bookkeeping files for your business.

Work With Someone Who Knows Your Company

Hiring a lawyer only when you need them will not ensure you to getting the same person you have worked with before because they might be busy. This may mean that you have to explain the processes already done for your company that your previous attorney has handled. If you do that, it can take up time you could use for other things.
Getting a legal retainer in the Philippines entails hiring a lawyer who has worked with your company before. This means they already have an idea of how to manage the situation at hand.

Gain Comprehensive Insights

The law is complex so having someone who can guide you through it makes understanding it smoother. When you hire a lawyer on retainer, they can assist you in having a grasp of certain legal matters. They can also help you go deeper into them if necessary. Knowledge is the key to a successful business, so learning more about technical law terms and concepts can really make a difference in managing your company.

What You Should Consider Before Hiring an Attorney on Retainer

Are you planning to hire a lawyer on legal retainer in the Philippines soon? Here are some things you have to consider before getting one:


Different lawyers have certain areas they are well-versed in. When hiring one, make sure to learn about the attorney’s specialization to determine whether they are fit for the job or not. Some lawyers can handle environmental law well, while others are well-versed in family law. What your company needs, however, is someone who is an expert in business law.

Years of Experience

The time an attorney has spent working on specific matters can really be an advantage for their clients. They have been involved in a variety of situations that may be similar to yours, so their knowledge of handling those circumstances can greatly help them solve your problem and manage the situation. If you find a lawyer with years of experience in the field, you can rest assured that they understand the process you have to go through.

Lawyer Fees

Before hiring an attorney on legal retainer, check the fees of the lawyer. Sometimes others charge more because of the complexity of the case they will have to handle.
Lawyers don’t always post on their website how much their services cost, so it is best to call and ask them before you hire them on retainer. By doing this, you can keep yourself within the budget you have set for their legal solutions.
When you get to choose an attorney, make sure to stay aware of the law when it comes to attorney’s fees in the Philippines by reading the civil code that covers these matters.

Hire an Attorney on Legal Retainer in the Philippines From YKC Law

If you are looking for attorneys who do their job excellently, turn to YKC Law. We offer legal retainer services that can assist you with protecting the welfare of your business. Aside from those, we also specialize in real estate, taxation, and other practice areas.


A legal retainer is a convenient way to solve the problems of your business regarding the law. The attorney you have an agreement with can be easily contacted whenever you need them. It is an additional fee for you to pay; however, it has many benefits, like getting consultations easily and handling legal concerns faster and safer.

Choose to keep your corporation safe from fines by getting a legal retainer today with the help of YKC Law. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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