When do you need an Immigration Lawyer in Manila, Philippines?

What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law is the combination of national and international laws, rules, and regulations that dictate who is permitted to get in or out of a specific country. These laws also regulate what people will need to do so as to enter and leave such land. With that being said, inspections and reviews at public entry points such as airports and roads at border crossings may be deemed necessary.  The majority of the time, immigration laws may create prerequisites for travel documents such as visas and passports too.  A country’s customs officials commonly have a right to scrutinize your own belongings and even detain or arrest you for questioning when you enter their country.

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Apart from all of the documents required and procedures which are needed to be performed to get inside a different country, the next thing that you would have to think about is the ways that it would be possible for you to stay in that place for so long as you need to.  This is the time when naturalization and citizenship start to matter. Immigration and naturalization are two things that are different but are extremely interrelated. Immigration laws determine who can get into and depart from a country while naturalization laws guide who has the rights to eventually become its citizen.

Naturalization and immigration approaches vary in a lot of ways in different nations. Some can be very rigorous while some others can be considered tolerable. Your home country’s relationship with the country you are moving to also matters a lot. As of now, there are quite a few treaties, partnerships, and contracts that have been made by different countries to make matters easier for foreign workers, investors, students, and the likes. Additionally, there are various sorts of visa too wherein you are able to apply to, depending upon your needs and circumstances. Considering these things could get confusing, consulting with an immigration lawyer is a terrific way to take care of this situation.

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

One of the main tasks of an immigration lawyer is to explain the law. By doing such, they will eventually be able to assist you in assessing your own rights, each of the possibilities and strategies available to you, and can then direct you through every step of this complex process. Their other tasks include the preparation of your paperwork which alone can save you time, provide you with a list of the items that you may have to accomplish on your own, and make sure all of the data which you give out when filling out the various forms, collecting records, or preparing statements and testimony is clear, correct, and consistent. In addition to this, lawyers who exercise immigration law usually have a study that includes both immigration and naturalization so they can help you out with filing citizenship too.

When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

There are a lot of reasons why one would need an immigration lawyer, not just because they are lazy (though of course, this is still acceptable as it’s their choice to pay for their convenience) but there are a few complicated situations where having a lawyer is deemed a necessity such as:

  1. When you would like to know your eligibility and other immigration benefits or is requesting for a waiver or exception or a certain benefit?
  2. When you find it difficult to obtain citizenship or you need help with an immigration matter. This sounds simple but to be honest, nothing about the law is really simple. Every small detail in immigration counts.
  3. When you have been informed that deportation or removal proceedings are being started against you, or if you have had an application that was refused or denied. A lawyer can see through the mistakes you have made and will be able to correct those?
  4. If you have been deported from a country and would like to apply to go back, convicted of a crime, engaged in criminal activity and has a criminal record?

Naturally, there are far more circumstances where you would need an immigration lawyer. If you have looked into the application process and recognized that the number of forms and documents you would need to prepare is confusing and would take too much of your time, do not hesitate to ask for a lawyer’s services.

There are a few proficient and experienced immigration lawyers in Manila, Philippines who know precisely what to expect, the way to avoid processing delays and also the things that need to be well prepared to ensure that your documents and application are all based on legal technicalities.  Without the assistance of a lawyer, mistakes in an immigration application are not too hard to commit.  Unfortunately, a single error made on such can cost a lot financially and result in a more complicated process that’s why taking advantage of an immigration lawyer’s services is very much recommended.

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