Immigration Law in the Philippines: What Foreigners Must Know?

Just like any country, the Philippines also has laws concerning immigration. In fact, this law ensures everything concerning the entry and departure of everyone in the country. If you’re a foreigner who’s interested in migrating to the country, here are some of the things you must know on immigration law in the Philippines.


1. The immigration law of the Philippines refers to the rules and regulations established by the government. It determines who is allowed to enter the country, and for how long they will stay. Without laws, everything will be in chaos, knowing that no peace and order resides within the country.

2. It’s stated in the immigration law that non-immigrants and immigrants should be able to present an unexpired passport and a valid visa granted by a diplomatic or consular officer.

3. The immigration law ensures that all foreigners within its territorial jurisdiction should comply with existing regulations of the Philippines.

4. The law rules the entry, temporary stay, admission, residence, and exit of all foreigners in the country.

5. An immigration visa, passport visa, or reentry permit that is obtained by fraud or willful misrepresentation will result in cancellation. The cancellation will be issued by an officer or by the Board of Commissioners.

These five details are just some of the things you need to know concerning immigration law in the Philippines. If you wish to know more, kindly visit the website of the Bureau of Immigration for further information. Their website holds everything a local and foreigner should understand to avoid having troubles sooner or later.


How Can Foreigners Migrate to the Philippines?

Having a problem at the airport can be a little bit time-consuming on your part. At times, being discharged in any Philippine airport is a nightmare. With that, foreigners tend to follow such rules to avoid embarrassment as much as possible.


In fact, immigration has its own requirements for you to accomplish whenever you intend to reside in another country. In the Philippines, here are some of the things that foreigners should know beforehand.


1. Foreigners who wish to settle in the Philippines should consider applying for an immigrant visa as it’s one of the essential requirements. This type of visa is indeed granted to non-citizens to permit their permanent residence and immigration privileges in a country.


Since then, a visa is essential for the host country to determine who qualifies to reside within their borders perpetually. Apart from that, it is deemed as an authorized document that allows the bearer to enter a foreign country legally.


In fact, there are different types of visas to apply for, depending on the purpose of your stay. There are tourist visasnon-immigrant visas, quota immigrant visas, and so on. With that, make sure that you are choosing the right visa, depending on the length of your stay. Foreigners should find out which type of visa is applicable to them and their situation before submitting an application.


2. A passport may just look like a small notebook for documentation, but its presence is needed at all times. Whenever you intend to enter or leave a country, you need a valid passport with you. However, your passport should still have a minimum of six months validity from your departure date.


3. Be sure to accomplish the needed documents before doing an action. The reason for that is because the immigration department officials always examine passports and other travel-related documents on arrival and exit.


These are just some of the things that foreigners need to know whenever they intend to live in the Philippines. In fact, there are still a lot of requirements to accomplish before they can move into the country. To avoid being deprived of such entry, you need to follow these requirements as carefully as possible.


In conclusion, arriving in the Philippines is an absolute wonder. With its abundant resources, growing economy, and kind people, you would enjoy a new life in the country. However, entering a new country might be a little overwhelming because of all the laws and requirements. Nonetheless, if you want to make sure of everything, you could contact a law firm to assist you in the best way possible.


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