Requirements for FDA Registration in the Philippines

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the national health product regulatory agency created by Republic Act (RA3720), as amended by Executive Order No. 175 and RA 9711. It was created under the Department of Health to license, monitor, and regulate the flow of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and household hazardous waste in […]

Recognition of Foreign Divorce in the Philippines

Strictly speaking, there is no divorce in the Philippines. A marriage involving Filipinos may only be dissolved through Annulment. On the other hand, Legal Separation is a judicial process where the marital obligations of the spouses to live together as husband and wife as well as their property relations are terminated. Read This :   Family Law […]


Establish Business Presence in the Philippines

Cheaper Way for Foreign Companies to Establish Business Presence in the Philippines Foreign companies who wish to establish its presence in the Philippines is not required to invest USD 200,000.00. Your company can opt to establish a Representative Office. Read This :   Market Entry Services What is a Representative Office (RO)? A representative office is a […]

What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Value-added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax to be paid by the consumer of the product and/or service. Hence, it is important to know how VAT works. Read This :   Taxes in the Philippines Illustration: ABC Store buys its apples from its supplier, XYZ Corporation. The cost of the apple is PhP 100.00 (VAT Inclusive). […]

Pen and Papers

Taxes in the Philippines

Business Taxes in the Philippines Tax When is it paid? a.) Income Tax – This would depend in the set-up of the business.i. Sole Proprietorship – Graduated income tax from 20% to 35% depending on the net income.ii. Partnerships and Corporations – Corporate Income Tax of 30% of the Net Income or Minimum Corporate Income Tax of 2% […]

Annulment and Legal Separation

Currently, The Philippines does not have a divorce law, leaving estranged spouses with two options, either file for Annulment or Legal Separation. Read This :   Family Law What is the difference between the two? The main difference between Annulment and Legal Separation is its effect on the marriage of the spouses. In Annulment, the marital ties […]

Business Entry

Options in setting up your business in the Philippines: Domestic Corporation –  a separate and distinct entity that has its own juridical personality. It may enter into contracts and has the capacity to sue and be sued. The liability of the corporation is separate from the personal properties of the shareholders. (except in cases of […]


Grounds for Termination of Employment

FAQ Serious misconduct; Willful disobedience; Gross and habitual neglect of duty; Fraud or breach of trust; Commission of a crime or offense; Installation of labor-saving devices; Redundancy; Retrenchment; Closure of the business Read This :   Labor Case by the Employee Some of these grounds require separation pays, to know more, send us an email at […]