Business Registration Services, Permits, & Licenses Facts in the Philippines

The Philippines offers both local and international businesses with fantastic opportunities. But it is essential to understand and comply with existing laws and business regulations in the country before companies can finalize their business plan and schedule the launch of the company. Before a person can conduct a company lawfully, all the legal paperwork and […]

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The Basics You Should Know About Immigration Law in Manila, Philippines

Due to its attractiveness, environment, modern facilities, living standards, and safety controls, the Philippines, a community of 7,107 islands, has become a popular expat destination for individuals from all over the world.   In comparison, similar to western countries, the cost of living in this country is comparatively modest. Many individuals have migrated to this […]

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When Do You Need a Labor Lawyer in Manila, Philippines?

“When do you need a labor lawyer in Manila, Philippines?” Have you ever consider asking yourself about this question? When it comes to labor issues, there will come a time when you’ll require a labor lawyer to do specialized responsibilities for both employee and employer. Engaging with law affairs can be pretty difficult and draining. […]

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Labor and Employment Law in the Philippines: A Guide To Get You Ready After the Pandemic

Under the ECQ, only private businesses offering essential needs and other tasks relevant to the development of food and medication, working on a tight skeleton staff to sustain operations under strict social distancing measures and Flexible Work Arrangements (“FWAs”), are permitted to be physically accessible. Business process Outsourcing and export-oriented businesses will only work if […]