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Immigration Attorney in Manila: How to Become a Resident in the Philippines

Philippines has opened its arms and embraced different businesses that came from throughout the world. Today, there are many foreign investors in the Philippines that discover enthusiasm for turning into a permanent resident in the country. In case you need more details aside from what’s written in the article, please seek an immigration attorney in […]

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Labor Attorney in Manila: Employment Laws That Not Everyone in the Philippines Know

When you are employed, you have to equip yourself with fundamental information about Philippine labor law for you to know your privileges and rights as an employee. Of course, it’s also better to consult with a labor attorney in Manila, Philippines, in case things become too complicated. Beside wage and money-related perks, employees may have […]

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Legal Services: How Can Your Business Benefit in the Philippines

There are two professional services each business in the Philippines will require at an opportune time: an accountant and a legal counselor. The purposes behind employing a bookkeeper are truly self-evident – you need somebody to assist you with setting up your “outline of records,” survey your numbers occasionally, and set up the entirety of […]

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Foreign Company Registration in the Philippines: Top Things that You Need to Know

Philippines’ quickly developing economy and administrative changes attract foreign investors from everywhere throughout the world. In February 2019, Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, signed the Republic Act No. 11232 that simplified foreign company registration.   This article will guide you with the top things you need to know if you’re looking into company […]