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When Do You Need a Labor Lawyer in Manila, Philippines?

“When do you need a labor lawyer in Manila, Philippines?” Have you ever consider asking yourself about this question? When it comes to labor issues, there will come a time when you’ll require a labor lawyer to do specialized responsibilities for both employee and employer. Engaging with law affairs can be pretty difficult and draining. […]

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Labor and Employment Law in the Philippines: A Guide To Get You Ready After the Pandemic

Under the ECQ, only private businesses offering essential needs and other tasks relevant to the development of food and medication, working on a tight skeleton staff to sustain operations under strict social distancing measures and Flexible Work Arrangements (“FWAs”), are permitted to be physically accessible. Business process Outsourcing and export-oriented businesses will only work if […]

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Immigration Attorney in Manila: How to Become a Resident in the Philippines

Philippines has opened its arms and embraced different businesses that came from throughout the world. Today, there are many foreign investors in the Philippines that discover enthusiasm for turning into a permanent resident in the country. In case you need more details aside from what’s written in the article, please seek an immigration attorney in […]

labor attorney in manila philippines

Labor Attorney in Manila: Employment Laws That Not Everyone in the Philippines Know

When you are employed, you have to equip yourself with fundamental information about Philippine labor law for you to know your privileges and rights as an employee. Of course, it’s also better to consult with a labor attorney in Manila, Philippines, in case things become too complicated. Beside wage and money-related perks, employees may have […]