Establish Business Presence in the Philippines

Cheaper Way for Foreign Companies to Establish Business Presence in the Philippines

Foreign companies who wish to establish its presence in the Philippines is not required to invest USD 200,000.00. Your company can opt to establish a Representative Office.

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What is a Representative Office (RO)?

  • A representative office is a business structure of a foreign corporation that can do the following business activities:
  1. Information dissemination;
  2. Promotion of the products of the head office;
  3. Provide quality control of the products of the head office; and
  4. Act as a communication center.
  • A representative office cannot have income in the Philippines, as it can only provide back-office support services to its head office.
  • The inward remittance required to establish a representative office is USD 30,000.00.

At Yap & Associates Law, we offer professional assistance in establishing or setting up business entities (both local & foreign) intending to do business in the Philippines. This includes registration with the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission or Department of Trade and Industry (whichever is applicable), Bureau of Internal Revenue, and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses from the local government unit and other concerned government agencies.

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